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Everything begins with your Blueprint Blueprint
Simply describe your Application Architecture directly in your Source Code at .noop/blueprint.yaml. It's never been easier to mix and match the technologies you need to deliver your Software. Best of all, your Application Architecture can grow and evolve at the speed of code.
Component Components
Freedom to choose the languages, frameworks, and libraries that you want to use when crafting your Services, Statics, and Tasks.
Resource Resources
Easily integrate Databases, Caches, and Queues that your Software needs to manage state.
Route Routes
Define the HTTP routes of your Application, complex conditions, and target Service or Static Components.

Workshop Workshop Develop Locally
Get your entire development team up and running your Blueprints in no time with Local/Cloud Parity. Available now in Public Beta. Free, Forever!
Local Environments Local Environments
Launch, debug, and test complex Application Blueprints from Source Code on your local disk.
Container Engine Container Engine
Execute dynamic container workloads running on your local hardware to run your Blueprints.
Local Endpoints Local Endpoints
Exercise the Routes, Services, and Statics of your Blueprints. Fully encrypted like production.
Workshop Screenshot
Cloud Cloud Deploy Globally
Easily run and scale your Blueprints across our globally managed systems with customizable automation to match your delivery lifecycle. Currently in Private Preview.
Deployments Deployments
Rapidly iterate with blue/green rollouts, lifecycle hooks, and rollbacks that easily handle complex architectures.
Clusters Clusters
Scale compute, storage, and networking for containers. Dedicated options for connecting to existing systems.
Pipelines Pipelines
Customizable automation workflows integrated with your code repository events.
Logs Logs & Metrics
Store and analyze the contextualized history of your running Applications. Affordable for long term storage.

The journey continues...

Noop Cloud is currently in private preview. To get access fill in this form or email us at

Operations Operations Operate Reliably
Run your Software Business reliably, and professionally. With on-demand expert assistance from our Engagement Team whenever you need. Currently in Private Preview.
Monitors Monitors & Alarms
Proactively watch your Logs & Metrics for concerns and issues. Notify your team as soon as problems are detected.
Incidents Incidents
Manage your team reaction to problems and coordinate your response and communication with customers.
Diagnosis Diagnosis
Scan concerning Logs with AI root cause analysis when you need to get to the bottom of an issue.

Scale, adapt and
keep building

Noop scales seamlessly alongside your organization.

Predictable cost

Noop scales up to meet your demand, and down to save you money. There are no surprise costs associated with increased scale.

Applications that adapt

Add, remove or swap application building blocks when your organization changes – accessible to every subscription tier.

Architecture consulting

When you need strategic help, our engineers understand your systems completely and are ready to help solve your most pressing problems.