February 28, 2024

Announcing Workshop

A free local development tool for building and running your application.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the beta launch of Noop Workshop!

Noop Workshop is a free desktop tool that enables developers to build and run any application locally.

Until a few months ago, our focus was on hosting and running software in the Cloud. But, we realized there’s a growing need for local development tools that can help make the transition from local development to cloud hosting easier. And so, Workshop was born.

1. Download Noop Desktop

Download Noop

2. Choose a language or framework

When you first open Noop Desktop, select one of the pre-configured Application Templates to get up and running.

Panel showing available Templates on Application welcome page

We also published guides for each Template that can be used as a reference to migrate an existing app.

3. Build!

Our Philosophy

We believe software development is an art that requires creativity, thoughtfulness and focus. However, software developers often spend majority of their time on non-development tasks. Our philosophy is simple: you build software, we run software.

Start building with Workshop today. It’s free forever. Our template library allows you to bootstrap an application complete with backend database resources in seconds. Please share your creations with us, and keep building!

And, when you’re ready to share your application with the world, Noop Cloud* is a push away.

*(Noop Cloud is currently in private preview. Access is limited to select users based on their use-case. Join the waitlist!)