October 24, 2023

Github is Where We Get Together

Github is where we host our Blueprint code, our users already have Github accounts and Github familiarity among developers is second to none.

We decided to host our community discussions on Github. There are no shortage of alternatives, but we feel Github is the best for our current needs.

One of the biggest advantages is that our users are already there. We use Github for authentication, and therefore can guarantee our users won’t need an additional login to use our community forum.

Additionally, a lot of what we intend to share with our community is code. And for code collaboration, Github is second to none.

We decided to organize the discussions around a few primary topics.

  • Announcements
  • Show and Tell
  • Support
  • General

Announcements will include key product developments, developer resources and any updates to the community discussion itself.

Show and Tell is where we plan on sharing work from community members and interesting projects using Noop.

General will be a catchall, it’s a home for anything that doesn’t fit among our other discussion categories.

Finally, Support encompasses a few different types of discussions. Bugs are defects discovered on any Noop products. Feature Requests and Ideas are where we’ll receive feedback on what you’d like to see in Noop products. And Questions are for general help using Noop products.

Over time we might add or refine these categories to more accurately reflect the conversations that evolve within our community.

Join us on Github, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!