November 16, 2023

Our Changelog

We write a changelog to keep our users and community informed about our product evolution and cultivate a dialog about future product developments.

What It’s For

The Noop Changelog is published for our users and interested developers to understand our story and evolution. We want everyone to understand where we put our effort and why. Our hope is that this information builds confidence in our approach and solutions, and also encourages you to get involved in the conversation!

We also want it to help new community members join the discussion about future Noop developments.

If you’d like to follow along for the ride, share your email with us. We’ll try to keep it entertaining!

What It Is

Our changelog, like most changelogs, is a collection of updates, organized chronologically, describing the evolution of the Noop products. It is shared publicly on our website and directly with interested users via email.

In some ways the changelog is similar to our release notes. They both convey what actually changed, and they don’t include information about what will be released. However, the changelog is different from release notes in that the technical details are usually left out. Instead the changelog focuses on new capabilities and user experience changes.

The changelog reads like a story. It includes information about why the change exists and the problem the change is intended to solve.