May 2, 2024


Workshop for Windows and a guide for how to bring the Cloud to local development. BTW, join us at NY Tech Week


Workshop for Windows

Our goal with Workshop is to make local applications run as close to their deployed counterparts as possible — on all platforms (Mac, Windows and Linux). We knew when we launched we needed to quickly release a Windows version to support.

The release is not officially out, but it’s close enough that it seemed reasonable to mention its release is imminent. We’ll send an announcement when the official release is out!

Test Cloud Locally

Local development with Noop Workshop is fundamentally different than traditional workflows. We wrote an article highlighting some of the things available locally when developing with Workshop.

NY Tech Week

We’re excited to announce we’ll be participating in NY Tech Week. The Noop event is called: Generative AI Operations for Developer Platforms NY #TechWeek. Register here.

The event is a pizza and beer meetup to talk about our approach using Generative AI to solve operational problems with running software on a Developer Platform.

​Milin Patel (CEO) and Chloe Wintzer (CPO) are going to discuss our current efforts into leveraging LLMs to automatically triage problems and diagnose failures with root cause analysis. Followed up with our approach to building an integrated Developer Platform that provides the architectural understanding of your software to make all this possible. Our team will be onsite and available to talk about what we’ve built at Noop and ways we might be able to help others.

We’ll see you there!