June 2, 2024


One year of changelogs and exciting things ahead! Logic, a cornerstone of the Noop platform, gets more capability. And local development and Cloud environments are more consistent with recent updates to logs.


AI for Developer Ops

In case you missed the update in our last Changelog (and also because it really belongs here in the June update), our talk on Generative AI for developer operations is available on YouTube.

The first few minutes of the talk are a great overview of Noop in general. Afterwards, Chloe gives a comprehensive overview of the AI solutions we’re building, offering a glimpse into what’s coming to Noop.

Search Operator in Logic

Logic now includes a search operator for matching entries that contain a specified substring. This operator is particularly useful in cases where the log entry is unstructured data and also when it’s necessary to match specific text within a log message or error.

Workshop Traffic Log Parity

As of v0.12.0, Workshop Endpoint and Environment Traffic Logs are consistent with Noop Cloud. Meeting the expectation for local/cloud parity, Noop continues to remove any inconsistencies between our local development product, Workshop, and Cloud.

With the introduction of consistent Traffic Logs, developers can expect easier identification of anomalies between local development and deployed environments.