December 1, 2023


Our communication strategy is taking shape while major updates continue to happen behind the scenes. We encourage you to join us on our community forum and follow our changelog



Going forward .noop/app.yaml and .noop/app.yml filenames are deprecated. Going forward this file will be .noop/blueprint.yaml. No schema changes have been introduced.

We decided to make this change mainly for semantic reasons. There is tremendous demand on the term “app”, we felt this instance of the term was inconsistent with other uses. We believe Blueprint more accurately represents what the file is used for.


You might have noticed we started writing a lot more. We’re maintaining a blog, changelog, help and advice center, and community forum. It soon became clear we needed a good way to distribute our content to users and other interested people.

One way we plan to do that is an email Newsletter. There are currently two options:


Speaking of our blog, we published a few posts this month.

First, an overview of our Community forum, which is hosted on Github. We also published an explanation of what we intend to use our changelog for. And finally, the first of many Noop Template guides, this one about the Elixir Phoenix framework.


Our Docs received a major overhaul. We moved them from Intercom to our own self-hosted site, on Noop of course.

The source code for our docs are publicly available on Github. With that, we hope to encourage users to suggest or help us improve them via pull requests.

To build the docs site we used Astro. To make something similar yourself, feel free to model it after our own configuration.

We will likely publish a comprehensive guide on launching static sites on Noop in the coming weeks.

Get Help

Coop, our virtual assistant, available in-app via the Engagement Center, can still offer help with full understanding of our documentation. As of a couple weeks ago, Coop also has access to a curated selection of help topics from real-world interactions.

Desktop Local

As we have mentioned, Noop Local is being deprecated in favor of an upcoming product called Workshop. That said, we will continue to support Local until Workshop is released.

Fortunately, some of the groundwork for Workshop will contribute to the performance and general improvement of Local. For one thing we added better management of local projects, making it faster to spin projects down when they’re no longer in use.

Other News

As usual, there is a tremendous amount of work happening behind the scenes. It’s the work we do so you don’t have to.

We also pushed minor bug fixes in Logic, Terminal connection, and Task Executions.