January 1, 2024


Our answer to local development, Workshop, is taking shape as we get hands-on user feedback. New Templatesand Docs are published to help get up and running on Noop -- fast.


Pre-release Workshop Version

A pre-release version of Workshop, our holistic local development product, is available for preliminary testing. Workshop is designed to both integrate seamlessly into the broader Noop platform, and function as a standalone application development tool.

We are still a few weeks away from an official release, but we are welcoming feedback from our network of Template developers and early Preview users. If you’re interested in getting involved please get in touch,

Look forward to more details on Workshop in the coming weeks!

More Templates and Guides

To quickly get up and running in your language of choice, we’re building Application Templates. The Templates function as a foundation for new projects and a reference when migrating existing apps to Noop.

This month we launched Templates and guides for:

Updated and New Docs

Across the board our documentation pages are receiving updates to reflect changes associated with the release of Workshop. In addition to the updates we shipped a couple pages to help quickly get up and running:

Platform Stability and Performance

As always we’re continuing to improve the stability and performance of Noop Cloud. We introduced more reliable ways to identify expiring (internal) certificates and renew them when appropriate.

We continue to perfect our internal alarms that let us know about problems before they create customer impact.

And finally, we introduced new optimizations to speed up the release of updates to the platform.