June 2, 2024


Two major releases, a great talk on the future of Noop development and more developer resources to get up and running on Noop.


Workshop for Windows

With the release earlier this month we are much closer to our goal of making local applications (on all platforms: Mac, Windows and Linux) run as similar as possible to their deployed counterparts. As of version 0.11.0, Workshop is available on Windows. The download is accessible from the Noop homepage.

Now that Windows support is available, we believe Workshop is the best alternative to Docker Desktop available today. In fact, in many meaningful ways, Workshop is the better choice for developing ambitious applications. Here are a few things available out of the box in Workshop, that have no counterpart in Docker Desktop:

  • Searchable and filterable logs
  • HTTPS on all Services
  • Cron task runner
  • Pre-configured database, cache and block storage Resources
  • Service lifecycle hooks for automatic database migrations

No Registration Required

Along with the release for Windows (v0.11.0), we also eliminated the need to have a Noop account to use Workshop. From now on, Workshop runs without the need to provide any login information. Our goal with this change is to lower the barrier of entry and give developers a no-strings-attached space to explore the Noop product.

Because Noop Workshop mimics the Cloud in all possible ways, it also happens to be the best way to test our Cloud platform — locally. There’s no need to create an account, expose data on the web and, most importantly, no need to spend money.


You may have noticed, Infographics have appeared throughout Noop. Our aim with this first release is to introduce the concept of data visualizations available from almost anywhere in the Noop Console. The source of these different visualizations is Noop system events, Traffic and Application logs, and even your own SQL Resources.

There is far more to talk about charts than can be outlined here. The bottom line is that they are used for visualizing platform information and your own Application data. Look forward to guides exploring the various uses in the near future!

Generative AI Ops for Developer Platforms Recording

We had a great time participating in NY Tech Week! The recording of our talk, Generative AI Operations for Developer Platforms NY is now live on YouTube.

By the way, this talk is the best preview of what’s coming to Noop in the very near future.

Next.js and Svelte Templates

Now available alongside our other Application Templates is the Typescript with Next.js and Svelte Kit Templates. One cool thing about the Next.js Template is it’s possible to quickly switch from a SSR app (the default) to a Static site, by simply uncommenting a few lines of configuration in the Blueprint (.noop/blueprint.yaml).

If Next.js or Svelte is your jam, these Templates are for you. And as always feedback is most welcome.

12 Expectations for Developer Platforms

We spend an unreasonable amount of time thinking about the future of software development. Specifically how the process of running software can change (become simpler) and make individual developers and teams more productive.

In the 12 Expectations for Developer Platforms, Milin Patel (Noop Co-founder and CEO) and Chloe Wintzer (Noop Co-founder and CPO) outline exactly what the future of developer platforms looks like.

No surprise, Noop is the manifestation of these ideals.

About Us

Ever wonder who’s behind the curtain making all this magic happen? Wonder no more, we now have an “about” page.