February 1, 2024


Workshop has entered "Preview" phase, available publicly. We continue to lay groundwork for a more distributed Cloud product. Internally we are building the tools to build more tools. As always, more documentation and guide content has been published. Finally we published our legal docs in conjunction with the first publicly available product, Workshop.


Workshop Preview

Noop Workshop, bundled with the Noop desktop app, is now available for preview. The current version is nearly feature complete, mirroring all of the major Cloud functionality. Workshop is a local, offline mirror of the Noop Cloud product. As such, it solves pressing local development problems such as HTTPS endpoints for integration with external auth providers, local block storage, database provisioning and CI/CD process.

In addition to best-in-class feature support for local development, we’re committed to a license agreement that gives our users the flexibility to use Workshop freely for work and personal use indefinitely.

Template Library

Announced last month, Noop Templates get Applications in popular languages and frameworks up and running — fast. Workshop now allows developers to bootstrap a Template right from within the desktop app. From the home screen, select the desired Template, choose a directory to store the source and Workshop will automatically set everything up and run the Application in the default Environment.

We also added a Ruby on Rails Template. The Rails template will automatically create a database (Postgres), Redis cache, build the app, run the migration script and serve the app over HTTPS.

More Cloud

A lot continues to happen behind the scenes on Noop Cloud. Most Notably, we are laying the groundwork for more Clusters in different regions. The next available region will be located in Virginia, US.

With the addition of the second region, we’re adding distribution and redundancy options for our users. But, just as important, we laid the groundwork to add more regions with less effort in the future.

Internal Tools

In order to build the best tooling for our users, we need internal tools to measure their effectiveness. To that end, we’ve developed some key benchmarking tools to measure the performance of log aggregation. Logs are core to the Noop platform, Workshop and Cloud. We need to be able to query our logs quickly and ensure the same high level of performance locally in Workshop as in Cloud.

These tools have informed the direction of development and will enable us to offer powerful tools that leverage logs, the topic of another changelog post.

In addition to the benchmarking tools we’ve developed a tool to analyze our own Cloud usage. These tools give us a better ability to identify issues and optimize the platform.

Important Site Updates

We created a new site-wide footer that is an index for important and useful information, including new legal documents. There are link to:

In addition to the links we’ve also introduced a banner to disclose our use of cookies and request consent to load them.


As always we continue to make improvements to the stability and performance of the platform. Workshop and Cloud both benefit from the development of the other.

Finally a few other updates across the site: