October 1, 2023


This month we continue the trend of foundational work from last month and also put efforts into the Console user experience.


Platform Efficiency

We deal with infrastructure so you don’t have to. But managing the infrastructure for all our customers is complicated business, often involving releases to several inter-related services. This month we streamlined the process of deploying our infrastructure management services.

For you, this means more improvements faster. It also means greater stability as our ability to coordinate releases between services is now easier.

Console and Desktop

We invested in a desktop app because it provides a unified experience for development locally and in the cloud. Desktop is sometimes a couple releases behind the web version while we bundle the download artifact.

This month we spent time getting Desktop in sync with the web Console, creating minor UI enhancements, and fixing a few UI bugs.

Logic Enhancements

Continuing our focus on Logic, we improved error handling for easier end-user debugging. Logic can be a little tricky to debug, with this latest release we think identifying and resolving problems is a bit smoother.


We added docs for: