September 1, 2023


We continue on our efforts to improve application insight with Notifications. A big focus recently has been foundational work as we continue to scale to meet the demands of our customers.


Platform Stability

Most work last month comes under the theme of platform stability. We rolled out some new platform management libraries which surfaced some latent bugs in other parts of our system. The result was a couple weeks of maintaining system stability followed by a few weeks of permanent improvements to the platform.

We’re happy to say that through these challenges our platform has never been more resilient to problems. The work we have done involves: detecting anomolies before they result in user impact, receiving better information when anomolies occur and having our system self-correct under certain error conditions.

Task Notifications

Last month we released Notifications. We’ve continued to build on this feature by adding a Notification option for “Task Failures.” This Notification type allows users to receive proactive alerts for failing tasks. The Notification can be set on a per-Environment basis.

Logic Enhancements

Some small but important bugs were fixed with floating point operations.

We also added support for the subtract operator to accept more than 2 arguments. subtract: [3, 2, 5] is now equivalent to 3 - 2 - 5. This helps cut down on the verboseness of some expressions.


We continue to make small but impactful improvements to the Console:

  • Search is available in Console code editors editor
  • As well as line wrap toggling
  • Also added better error rendering for errors surfaced to users
  • And other UI improvements and bug fixes
  • Finally we added autofill when creating and editing Environment Variables and Secrets

We also added docs for: