November 1, 2023


Our team met in New Jersey this month to plan the next phase of Noop development. As such, most of the activity has been behind the scenes.


Behind the Scenes

Most of this month’s work was behind the scenes. The main focus was improvements with how our platform manages infrastructure — think of it as the devops work you won’t need to bother with because we took care of it. In addition to that, our fully remote team took a week and met up in the beautiful state of New Jersey. We hashed out the next major phase of Noop development.

As we get closer to release we will send updates about what’s coming. For now, all we’ll say is that our desktop app is getting the attention it deserves. Noop Local will be deprecated, but we are replacing it with something far more interesting.

Logic Enhancements

Logic is core to so many aspects of Noop: filtering logs, generating metrics and responding to repository events to name a few. This month we added support for a sort operator. This is useful for data manipulation when creating Monitors and Charts.

We also improved the interfaces for the filter, find and map operators, making them ever more easy to use. We maintain an overview of Logic in our docs and a reference of all available operators.


We spent some time updating the Desktop app to improve stability while we work on its replacement.

We also added docs for: